Hands-On Expertise To Help You Remediate CAPAs Efficiently

Throughout my career I had been tasked to resolve CAPAs, either in addition to my other assignments or as full-time assignments (CAPA remediation projects).

Some companies use simple CAPA processes based on Excel, Word and  PowerPoint, while others use dedicated software platforms, like TrackWise, EtQ or ENOVIA. I have experience with all these CAPA systems.

No matter which system you use, I can process your CAPAs from initiation to close, including all the typical steps in between, such as:

  • Problem statement
  • Risk assessment
  • Containment
  • Initial correction
  • Investigation plan
  • Root cause analysis
  • Investigation results
  • Corrective actions
  • Preventive actions
  • Implementation plan
  • Implementation results
  • Verification of effectiveness
  • Closure

I consider each CAPA as an engineering project, and apply the best project management practices. As with any other project, I conduct periodic meetings with CAPA teams, publish meeting minutes, prepare and maintain Gantt charts to track progress, and resolve bottlenecks on time to ensure CAPA steps meet due dates.

To discuss how I can help you with your CAPA project, contact me here.